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Apple uses the strategy of differentiation meaning that their products or services are different from others on offer which allows you to charge a premium price. Apple Inc uses this strategy with their…. Essays Essays FlashCards.

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Browse Essays. Show More. One must first decide on a place where to introduce the product, and then, according to the location, the price of the product should fall in place. In many situations the price of the product is ready to satisfy the bulk of people, even if the profits are more depressed than the norm. The reason for risking the amount of profit being built is to hopefully gain long term customers, which would in turn recommend new customers to the merchandise.

Many people believe the goal to be attracting customers, but in truth the goal is to build long term commitment with customers. The last push a consumer needs to purchase a new product is a promotion. Pricing wise, Apple products are on average two times more expensive than the other leading devices. Apple believes in value, not pricing therefore they see no need to lower their prices to compete with other leading companies.

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In turn, Apple would. It provides high quality products and services in different size, memory and price according to demand of the customers.

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It diversifies the product line for a product, so it better caters its products and services in the global market. The differentiation and technology helps the firm to determine the targeting and position strategies more effectively. Price: Price is an important element of marketing mix because if organization does not choose correct price of product then it may lose the sales and revenue also. Apple uses skimming and premium pricing strategy in the market Apple Inc, It introduces product at high cost and then after sometime, it reduces prices of product to cover the market.


It is effective strategy to cover initial expenses and then reach to more customers and cover the market. Apple believes in superior technology and design, so customers prefer its products even if they charges high price in the market. Laptop or computer marker in the global market is oligopolistic that means millions of customers and few major players are available in market. Changes in product of competitors affect the market of Apple. Apple faced this situation by changing the price of products according to the buying behavior of customers. So, it is effective strategy to choose the right price of product to attract more customers in international market.

Place: Place is related with channels of transportation and distribution of goods.

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Organization requires developing effective distribution system to provide product at right place at right time. Its stores provide best services to their customers for 24 hours that helps them to maintain the brand position and cover the market. They have been competing with each other messenger, price difference, app store, product line, restrictions, and even marketing strategies. This gives society a general idea of the rivalry between the two companies. I personally, along with many other consumers prefer Apple products due to its reliance and simplicity in design of software, iOS Term Papers words 3.

Apple Inc. - Branding, Pricing and Distribution (Business Essay Sample)

Apple is worth two times as much as any other company on the entire planet, but spends only a little over billion dollars a year on advertising which is a third of what some other electronics companies spends Badenhousen, The company relies on it loyal following of fans to promote its products.

In the past 15 years, Apple has revolutionized four electronic industries, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes The primary focal point of this research is to assess the self-image projected by Apple and how Apple exploits this. In relations to decision making, affiliation, social class and perception. In this instance; if purchases are cleared based on marketing tools, social influence or motivation Essay on Analyzing the Apple Brand.

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