Essayer des coupes de cheveux

Ca te va vraiment super bien! Looks pretty! On peut tout, ou presque, essayer. Depuis le temps que tu nous en parles de changement, de ton attirance pour les coupes courtes…. Hahahahaha, trop marrant si tu deviens une precurseur se?? Ca te va hyper bien! J adooore les cheveux courts je trouve ca sensuel et feminin. J ai moi meme le cheveux courts, meme si parfois je brule de les laisser pousser, je n y arrive jamais, j ai l impression d etre plus vivante plus petillante avec les cheveux courts!

I loved your bun my usual do also but I love this haircut even more! I agree with the comment that it was made for you! Gongrats for being brave and confident in your decision! It looks so fab and moves really well and seems rather pliable. As for me, I recently chopped all my hair off too.

You look fabulous Garance!

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Congrats on being a good girl and domesticating that crazy bun…. No, pure perfection!!! Love it…. Young, beautiful, sexy, stunning!!! Totally modern, chic and hassle free—what more could you want. Kudos to Adrienne too. Her intuition paid off. Garance, you are just the prettiest!!!

This hair works perfectly for you, and you look just great in that video. Love your lipstick and tshirt :D. You look so amazing with short hair, I love it soooo much!! Enjoy it. As soon as I get to the Judi Dench era I am chopping it all off again. I know the focus of this post is your fab new cut…but I NEED to know the details about the sunglasses you wear in the video. And congrats on the cut! I have super duper long hair, and every few years I chop it all off. Love it. Hate it. And then immediately start growing it back.

Le sigh. So cool! Really cool, plyful and stylish. Perhaps a bit scary, but such a WOW return! You go girl…. Oh mon Dieu!

Coupe de cheveux femme a essayer - Coupe De Cheveux Essai Virtuel Gratuit

I KNEW you would totally rock the short hair!! Sassy, chic, and most importantly— your spirit is lifted and lighter with this new do! I agree with other comments— you also look younger and like Isabella Rosselini! Honestly, i think you are prettier with short hair. It is like Halle Berry,she looks best with short hair I think you may start a following, everyone cutting their hair like Garance. Garance this is so niiiiiice!!!!

Love the change it suits you so much!!!!!!! I laughed out loud at your video. Darling, you look and feel fabulous! You are every inch a woman, girl and lady. Wow Garance! You look amazing. You look absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy short hair… besides being super chic, you get more time for life since it takes only like 3 min to get your hair done :.

You look HOT! I think that lots of girls are going to copy your hairdo!! It will be the Garance! You have a keeper! When I saw the post I felt excited what I see…is it true? One year ago I got a bob haircut, I left 20 cm of my hair on the hairstylist floor. You look amazing! As a hairstylist, I hope my clients love their hair as much as you appear to love yours. Great video! La coupe la plus cool de la terre! La coupe la plus sexyy de la terre! Le meilleur choix! And it totally makes your look younger. Oh I love this haircut! And that younger photo of you reminds me of a very young Juliet Binoche, who we happened to watch in an old movie last night.

I was scared to watch your video in case it was terrible, nothing worse than a hair related identity crisis. Mais whaaaaaoooouuuuuu! Canon la meuf ;! Ton sourire explose avec cette coupe. Cette coupe est parfaite. I mean elle te va troooop bien! Absolutely love it.

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Looks fantastic! Reminds me a bit of Isabella Rossellini — very chic yet cool.

Quelle coupe de cheveux est faite pour ton visage?

Good move, you look gorgeous, this is a great look for you! You can really rock this—love the video!

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Bravo et franchement fallait avoir du courage pour le faire!!! Trop cool! Love the chop! You look beautiful — so fresh and so clean. I wish I had the balls to chop my hair like this.

Unser Angebot

I just cut off seven inches on my long mop and almost had a heart attack :. Garance je t aime…. Et j ajoute….

Et tu sais quoi? Ca te va super bien! Really, really suits you — makes you look younger too!