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It’s not the Photo, MET’s Sine Thesis Helmets Glow with the Power of the Sun

Check out their website it shows that Tom Hall Enterprises will import them. Absolute junk. I did a lot of research when trying to find a good helmet to replace my five-year old Giro Atmos.

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I was happy with my Giro, but wanted to try something different. The Sine Thesis looked good in photos and seemed to get good reviews.

MET Sine Thesis Road Helmet

I was very disappointed as soon as I opened the box of the Met helmet. The manufacturing looks cheap compared to the price paid. As soon as I put it on my head the low quality manufacturing held true in functionality as well — the dial adjustment mechanism fell apart with only a couple of turns to fit it to my head…I mean actually came apart in pieces.

Spare parts

The dial adjustment components and housing look like something that comes in a Kinder Egg. If you are not familiar with a Kinder Egg, it is a hollow chocolate egg that contains a cheap plastic toy for children to assemble.

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Met ProBikeKit UK ultimate comfortable and ventilation whilst maintaining the highest level of protection and with the aerodynamic architecture makes these helmet perform to the highest of levels. Sort by Met Sine Thesis Helmet Coming in nine colour patterns, you should also be able to find one to match your bike and kit.

It does only come in one size and we just couldn 39;t get the fit right.

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  8. Bicycle Helmets for the Season - finds no radical safety improvement this year that would compel you to replace your current helmet. New technology has. The European bicycle helmet standard can be met with thinner impact liners and a less protective helmet than the helmet required to meet the US CPSC standard.

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