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The two protagonists, Emma and Cher, are senior snovers spoiled and spoiled, experiencing their own arrogance, suppressing the crisis, transforming from a shallow state to a spirit. And the state of emotional maturation. Heckerling has also changed the name of the character 'Clueless' and the name of' Emma '' s character. For example, Emma Woodhouse has been changed to Cher. In French "cher" means "dear or expensive", so this could be the fact that she is from a wealthy family and is almost spoiled despite her strong opposition Yes.

Another aspect of "incompetence" is how the dance of "Emma" dance hall changed to a gathering of families devastated and a disco. Dancing, not a family gathering, seems very strange for teenagers, flamingos, waltzes and tangos, especially at the end of the 20th century! Conclusion With regard to the plot, it is very painful to see how 'Emma' and 'Clueless' combine, but there are many other ideas to be avoided. How does Amy Heckerling of essay. Among the contemporary film "incompetence", how did the director Amy Hecklin update the novel "Emma"?


This proves that despite all fundamental social changes that have occurred since the Jane Austen era, people and life have not changed so much. Clueless , supervised by Amy Heckerling, reorganized Jane Austen 's novel Emma into the context of contemporary society and explored the transformation of each of the main characters, Cher and Emma.

Both texts are sarcastic, but through the outlines of the main themes, gender, class, social structure of the time, regency of the UK, and Postmodern America. Amy Heckerling tried to pay special attention when making Emma Clueless. Emma is a well-known novel written by Jane Austin, a novel that has been adapted from contemporary films.

Both focus on the privilege of having an unlimited boundary and the lifestyle of a wealthy girl. Emma Woodhouse lived in England in the 19th century while her colleague Cher Cherowitz lived in modern and exclusive Beverly Hills.

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Text of literature Emma's culture, society and history are different from ignorance. Is there a suitable text for Jane Austen? Amy Heckerling changed Emma by moving Emma from one background to another. This change brought about a new understanding of the original text, highlighting the difference between the two. Ignorance is classified as modern? A picture of a teenager? As a composer of Clueless, Heckerling transformed it into contemporary culture using Emma 's theme and basic diagrams. Sex, money, fashion, and fame are very positive in Clueless, but these themes also exist in Emma.

The audience must be able to relate to that sentence, and Clueless allows the message presented in Emma to be associated with modern audiences. Translation of existing text not only provides new text but also provides a new reading of the previous text. Emma and incompetent comparison What? Recreating existing text not only provides new text but also provides a new reading of the previous text.

Reviving Emma in a Clueless World:

Emma and incompetent comparison In the context of Bieberly Hills, Clueless, which came together with Emma supervised by Amy Heckling, edited by Eye Austin in the background of England in , brought about a transformation in These transformations show the style difference between written text and movies, but they must recognize similarities in the context of social environment and entertainment.

The context of Emma still exists without clues, but it exists in another form. Through roles and themes, it changes from Emma to incompetence. Good friends go back and forth to allow men to go home for good night. A wonderful movie, please look at the high school life many years ago. Average Girl - The film "The Girl" starring Lindsay Lohan tells about the young and subculture jungle and sets up a new label for this type of teenager.

They always accept the latest fashion.

They form unique factions and often participate in gossip. They often feel that they are not safe, so they are keen to be popular, but they are still in a difficult relationship with the real one. Emo Kids - It is very emotional.

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Their emotions are reflected in their appearance: black clothes, striped bangs, tattoos, drilling. It is punk culture that underlies emo style. Goth becomes darker and darker, but in many cases it is rebellious. Because they are dressed in bright neon, some emo is called children in the scene. These children are likely to suffer from depression or bipolar tendencies. Not everyone does it, but they are known for their experiments on self-hurting and cutting. In my opinion, the most impressive youth representative represents teenagers of the s in the movies. For example, in the movie "Ignorance" I draw a stereotype life of a 16 year old girl who was spoiled and raised from a wealthy family.

The film also shows various stereotypes of high school young people. Wealthy children, popular kids, geeks, etc. As we all know, teenagers often form the circle of their children called factions.

Clueless and Emma Parallels

Truths universally acknowledged: a comparison of and essay how has the changing contexts influenced the representations of main issues from emma to clueless? Compare and contrast emma vs. Motivation to do an essay. Updating : clueless, publish your masters thesis, bachelors thesis, or term paper Essay on favourite sports person Unfinished with comments and comparative literature and words, bartleby and words, study guides and book summaries doc and clueless , courtney lehl Theres a specialist from your university waiting to help you with that essay.

Similarities and differences essay introduction. A comparison of jane austens and clueless by macy wade on preziComparing clueless and emma essay. Emma vs clueless - words, study guides and book summariesThis essay interrogates two film adaptations of jane austens , amy heckerlings clueless and douglas. Friday : jane austens atView this thesis on clueless movie vs emma novel.


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Emma and clueless comparative essay, year 11 hsc - english advanced , thinkswap Themes in and by suiluj94 Reviving emma in a clueless world: the current attraction to a classic structure. The adaptation closely parallels the original text, from themes to characterization and even to cultural context. Both works explore the relationship between fathers and daughters, men and women, and successfully illustrate how the treatment of women has changed over time. When one reads Emma then watches it modern counterpart, Clueless, it is very easy to observe that even though the stories have an almost two-hundred year gap between them, society has changed very little.

While the story appears superficially to be about a spoiled young woman who has nothing more beneficial to do than play matchmaker, the stories are much more complex. Both Emma Woodhouse and Cher Horowitz experience a metamorphosis from self-absorbed young woman to mature and empathetic one. Emma is set in the Regency Period, a time of rapid change that saw the Napoleonic wars, the first glimmerings of democracy and feminism and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution Intro.


To Austen. Clueless takes place in the U. Both women have been spoiled by the absence of their mothers, as both their fathers try to compensate and keep the peace by giving them anything they want. Emma has beaucoup opportunity and freedom when compared to other girls of her time period; Cher has a brand new Jeep but no license , a computerized closet, and access to money whenever she wants it. To their credit, the young women are concerned about their widower fathers. Woodhouse is preoccupied with his digestion, making Emma worry about his health Ferriss , while in Clueless Mr.

Horowitz constantly obsesses about his cholesterol and prompts Cher to restrict him to a strict diet. Both the Woodhouses and the Horowitzes are members of upper-class society. It is obvious that Emma thinks very highly of herself, and does not think too fondly of the idea of intermingling with people of a lesser social rank than her. The same goes for Cher.

Emma befriends Harriet Smith, the character that corresponds with Tai Frazier.

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  8. While Emma thinks she is taking Harriet under her wing in order to help her out, it can be argued that this is simply to fill the void that was left when Miss Taylor left. Neither Harriet nor Tai is as refined as Emma or Cher. Harriet Smith is described as pretty but with no outstanding features, and. Tai is a transfer student from New York who does not fit in with the other, preppy girls. Emma sets out to refine Harriet, much as Cher decides to revamp Tai so that she will fit in with her uppity clique. Emma pushes Harriet around in the same way that Cher treats Tai.