Youth in indian politics essay

Why is youth not participating in politics?

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Even the society should also accept young leaders because I feel they will surely bring in changes in our political system. We need to overcome this. I know it's not going to be an easy task but together surely we can serve the purpose and help our country progress and then call our country developed.

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Lets not sit back and wait for a wake up call ,the wake up call will never ring in that case. Now is time to act.

Is the youth of India swayed by the use of social media in politics.

Its not too late and before it gets too late lets participate actively and make our country a better place to live in!!! And if need to make a change this is a sufficient no. Today all the politician who think that only a aged person can make correct decision and only a experience person can contribute in politics a lot , this is really a myth. Today youth is not participating in politics just because of the criticism and the statement of that kind deliver by the great politician leaders. A person of age 50 or 55 will treat as the child in the field of Politics.

So finally I think definitely youth should give their contribution in the sector of Politics. Youth if involved especially in Indian politics there can be a lot of setback for our country in addition to some benefits. In recent youth parliament conducted the topic given was Ayodhya Ram Temple should be constructed or not. This is fully associated with religion. Those who are hindus may be in support of it and others may oppose it.

This type of issues ultimately leads youth to think in this way and a matter of religion enters politics. And also youths gradually understand that by focusing on religious issues we can take advantage or fool the ignorant people of this country and they involve in dirty politics. Also being enthusiastic they may take some decision which may affect our country in long or short run.

The reason is only this not to be in favor of youth. But is it really so?

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Is it democracy that a nation where a majority of population is below 40 elects a majority of people above 60 to power? Are we really satisfied with the way our country is being governed? Should it not bother us that at the age people generally take retirement and rest, our politicians actually become eligible to be at the helm of affairs? The country desperately needs some young leaders who personify energy, enthusiasm, morality, and diligence. No doubt we have progressed a lot in the last 62 years but the development pace would have been completely different had some young torchbearers led this process of development.

At the time of independence, Gandhi called upon the youth to participate actively in the freedom movement.

Essay on The Role of Youth in Politics

Young leaders likes Nehru came to his reckoning and led the movement. But this is not the case now. Nowadays we have only a handful of young leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Varun Gandhi etc, but they are in the political scenario because they belong to influential political families. It is next to impossible to find a young leader with no political family background in the furor of politics. The youth should cast their vote after weighing all the pros and cons. Undoubtedly, in the India of tomorrow the young are going to play a decisive role in choosing their leaders.

It is a big responsibility and it will involve the in the task of national reconstruction. Hence, the youth is going to play a crucial role in the coming years to translate the hopes and aspirations of the nations into reality. Indian Youth. They form a huge reservoir of energy and cream of the country.

Wisdom and discretion are not the monopoly of the elders alone. The days of our youth are the days. And the myrtle and ivy of sweet. Are worth all our laurels, though. Young people are full of abundant energy, courage, spirit for adventure, imagination, hope and ambition.

These can be very well used in constructive and developmental activities. These should not be allowed either to go waste or used for destructive purposes. The young men and women of India should be fully involved in the creative work of nation-building and reconstruction. The younger generation, which is more generous, flexible, sensitive and dynamic, can do wonders if properly guided and motivated.

Mao was well aware of the power, exuberance, spontaneity, ebullience and unlimited energy of the youth and used these to great advantage for himself and China.


Besides China, there are many other countries like France and Indonesia, etc. It is easy to blame the youth of India for impatience, indiscipline, irreverence for the elders, authority and social customs. But all these reflect one-sidedness and lack of proper understanding on the part of the eiders and grown-ups. No doubt the youth of modern India has its own limitations and problems, etc. If the youth of India have any shortcomings and faults, the elders are to blame because the former mirror the latter.

Proper orientation and positive steps are needed to engage the youth of the country in nation-building activities.

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Their zeal, enthusiasm and energy need to be channelised in developmental activities and social reconstruction. The Indian youth, full of inexhaustible power, is always eager to do something positive, constructive and appreciable for the society and the nation. In order to harness the youth-power of the country, a National Youth Policy has been framed to instill in the youth a deep awareness of national ideals of secularism, non-violence, integration and our ancient historical and cultural heritage.

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It also aims at developing qualities of discipline, self-reliance, leadership, justice, fair play, sporting spirit and scientific temper so as to enable them to combat superstitions, obscurantism and other numerous social ills and evils.