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12/6/2015 "Spiritual Lessons From Annie Dillard" by Rev Martin Woulfe

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Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example? Let us know! All you can think about is just having fun with other kids. Being chased by a grown-up around the entire neighborhood is what kids call fun. Things like that happen once in a lifetime and it is quite a fun experience. If I were Dillard, I would feel exactly the same way. I was the youngest of all my siblings and I was known as the troublemaker.

I got into a lot of trouble with the boys in our neighborhood. We would hide on the side of the buildings or the bushes and throw fruits at any vehicle that passes by. We would run as fast as we could to find a place to hide from them. I had no feeling of being afraid. User: dustin1uogen Date: UTC Subject: Re: Journal 2 Growing up, my neighbor and I got into our camouflage jackets and pants and we would also hide until the time was right.

We would ambush the passing cars with as much water-balloons as we could carry along and we'd split up into our designated hiding spots to avoid being caught. Unfortunately, we feared being caught and lectured which is why we ran and hid. I like how to answered how Annie Dillard used Framing. Re: Huh? Re: Journal 2 - jari1uogen Expand. Good thoughts - uogen Expand. Her story was written very well from the beginning to the ending. In the beginning of her story, she starts off writing about how she was considered one of the boys around her neighborhood.

When she had learned how to play football, she also had learned an important key to the sport. Usually none of the vehicles bothered to stop, but until one day a black Buick passed by. Dillard and the boys nailed one to his windshield and the guy pulled over to get out. They all spread out to run and the guy decides to run after Dillard and her friend Mikey.

They ran through their neighborhood through small openings and over fences thinking that they can lose him. The man continued to run after them no matter the place, space, or height. I believe this is where the framing effect comes in. The man ran after the two with all his might and soul. He was determined to catch them no matter the circumstance. Personally, I do not know much about football, but from what I have learned from the reading I think that I would appreciate and honor his effort as well. We can also use this key to football in our lives. If we are determined enough and run after what we want, I believe that one day we will be able to get it.

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Currently, I am striving hard to graduate and get into law school. If I strive hard and pass all my classes, hopefully I will be able to do so. I cannot grade an anonymous response. Not only would I be scared of te man's reaction but I would also be worried that he would tell my parents. I would keep running until he gave up because sooner or later he would because I would mot likely have more energy and drive to continue running.

Okay, there you are I felt a part of the adventure. I believe that writers use framing to have the readers be a part of the situation. Framing also keeps the reader in tune with the story. If a writer describes various things in the beginning of the essay it draws the reader. By writers framing, it gives the reader a chance to have something to compare the situation to.

With An American Childhood framing helped me place myself in the situation of the writer. I really thought about football which is mentioned in the beginning.

The Chase by Annie Dillard by Hannah Willis on Prezi

I pictured watching people play football and them performing all the actions described. Until now I still ponder this statement. I pictured myself making snowballs and throwing it to each other. However, I can never see myself with a group of friends throwing it to cars. As the writer describes the chase I began to compare it to playing football. How, the person holding the ball heading for the touchdown would run fearlessly, which is like both children running for their lives.

Not knowing if the person chasing them would catch them. But both the kids and the football players will run until they are away from the person chasing them. Framing showed me that the man was determined.

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He was determined to catch up to the children. He did not give up no matter how difficult the chase was. The confrontation with Dillard made her feel like she succeeded. Even if she did not loose the guy, she was able to run as fast as she could and she did not give up. She really gave it her all. I believe that Dillard was neither afraid nor angry with the man. Also, because most adults would not pursue them as much as he did. The man who left his black Buick parked was determined.

He to gave it his all. He was not just trying to keep up with the kids; he was going to catch them. I would one of the kids watching from the side, saying that the kids throwing the snowballs were stupid. However, if I was involved in that situation I would be scared. I would not have ran as much as Dillard did. I would have given up from the very beginning. User: uogen Date: UTC Subject: Good thought process I really liked how you tried to put yourself in the shoes of the author. That was nice. I would like to see you work on noun - pronoun agreement: "I pictured myself making snowballs and throwing it to each other.

Keep up the good work!

Annie Dillard "The Chase" (personal narrative)

When remembering an event you look back during the time of the event. Another example can be when you describe the fear and panic you felt, where you were, and the thoughts that went through your mind during that detailed event. When using framing you talk about how much this event surprised you.

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Always remember to think of why that might of happen through cause and effect. For example, you begin by talking about how your event was during the time. Then you take the reader through the event to make them realize the affects and impact of the event towards you in detail account.