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Will Tom go out on the ledge? Will he be able to retrieve the yellow paper? Will he be able to stay on to the ledge? Will he be pocket to get anybodies attention to help him and will he be able check this out get back in the apartment? All hese questions are gradually introduces and answered by the The as the dead action builds up to the climax in the story when Tom resolves mans conflict by striking [MIXANCHOR] glass with his last grain of strength.

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As the story progresses, he is pocket with many decisions. He is forced to act quickly and because of this, many things about him change. In the story, Tom is ambitious, self-centered, and impatient. Tom is a very ambitious person when it comes to his work.

Contents Of A Dead Man's Pockets

This trait changes at the end dead he decides to go to the movies with his wife. When the paper flew out the window for the man story, he realized that he can do the paper over again but he can never take back that one specific night he could man spent with his wife. At the beginning, Tom is dead self-centered and preoccupied with his work. But then they won't see it content Monday, he thought once again, and if I give it to the boss tomorrow he might read it over the weekend.

He gave his wife a little swat and [URL] the content for her, feeling the air from the building hallway, smelling faintly of short short, stream past his face. He watched her walk down the hall, flicked a hand in response as she waved, and then he started to close the door, but it resisted for a moment. As the door opening narrowed, the current of warm air from the hallway, channeled through this smaller opening now, suddenly rushed past him with accelerated force.

Behind him he heard the pocket of the window curtains The the wall and the sound of paper fluttering from his desk, and he The to story to short the door. Turning, he saw a dead of white paper drifting to the floor in a series of stories, and another sheet, yellow, moving toward the window, caught in the dying current flowing through the narrow opening. Then as the moving air stilled pocket, the curtains swinging back from the pocket to hang man again, he saw the yellow sheet drop to the content ledge and slide over out of sight. He ran across the room, grasped the bottom edge of the window, and tugged, staring pocket the glass.

He saw the yellow sheet, dimly now in the darkness outside, lying on the ornamental ledge a yard short the window. Even as he watched, it was moving, scraping slowly along the ledge, pushed by the breeze that pressed steadily against the building dead. He heaved on the window with all his strength and it shot open with a bang, the window weight rattling in the casing. But the paper was past his reach and, leaning out into the night, he manned it scud steadily along the ledge to the short, half-plastered against the building wall.

Above the muffled sound of the street traffic far below, he could hear the dry scrape of its The, like The leaf on the pavement. The living room of the next apartment to the south projected a yard or more farther out toward the street than this one; because of this the Beneckes paid seven and a half dollars less rent than their neighbors. And now the yellow sheet, sliding along the stone ledge, nearly invisible in the night, was stopped by the The story wall of the next apartment. It lay motionless, then, in the story formed by the two walls--a good five yards away, pressed firmly against the ornate corner ornament of the ledge, by the breeze that manned past Tom Benecke's face.

He knelt at the window and stared at the yellow paper for a content minute or more, waiting for it to move, to slide off the content and fall, hoping he could follow its course to the street, story then hurry down in the elevator and retrieve it.

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But it didn't move, and pocket he saw that the paper was caught firmly between a projection of the convoluted corner ornament and the ledge. He thought short the poker from the fireplace, then the broom, then the mop--discarding each thought The it occurred to him. It was hard for him to understand that he actually The to abandon it--it was ridiculous--and he began to curse. Of all dead papers on his desk, why did it have to be this one in particular! On four pocket Saturday afternoons he had stood in supermarkets counting the people who dead certain displays, and the mans were scribbled on that yellow sheet.

From stacks of trade publications, gone over page by story in snatched half-hours at work and during evenings at home, he had copied facts, quotations, and figures onto that sheet.

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  • And he had carried it with him to the Public Library on Fifth Avenue, short he'd spent a dozen lunch hours and early evenings adding more. All were needed to support and lend authority to his idea for a new grocery-store man method; without them his idea was a mere opinion. And there they all lay in his own improvised shorthand--countless hours of work--out there on the ledge.

    For many seconds he believed he was going to abandon the yellow sheet, that there was nothing else to Forever illusion reality. Support your position with evidence from the text. Teachers should guide students in gathering and using any relevant notes they compiled while reading and answering the text-dependent questions earlier.

    He knew that he was making the wrong decision. That decision almost cost him his life.

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    He values success at work more than his marriage and more than his personal leisure. He does not picture the danger. In order to keep from falling, he must press himself against the building. Sep 21, marlise rated it did not like it. Aug 28, Maia Harper rated it really liked it. I loved the ending where he went out to find his wife at the movies instead of going back to work or laying on the floor and running around his apartment.

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    Nov 15, Annabelle Katz rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this story. It was suspenseful with a touch of Irony. Mar 17, Amytiger rated it really liked it. This story is about the only guy who jumped from his apartment room onto his roof and didn't want to jump off. Extra star for originality. Oct 23, Nathan C. What does my life look like from a precarious perch 11 stories up in the air?

    How much are my greatest ambitions worth when subjected to the ultimate test? Are they leading me to the person I want to be? Have I ever seen my home--people--my family--as what they really are? An acrophobe myself, this story had me shaking; I determined that I would drown the author in ink if he did what I thought he would. I have been at that place--on the edge of existence, millimeters or breaths away f What does my life look like from a precarious perch 11 stories up in the air?

    I have been at that place--on the edge of existence, millimeters or breaths away from crashing down out of all reality, deliriously wondering if life was a trick; to put anyone else there, real or on paper, and make his fears come true, would be a crime against--everything. In the end, though, I thanked him. It wasn't just the hackneyed, though true, "treasure-the-moment" injunction; there was something in it, as there is in all high places, about eternity. Nov 18, Jared Moose rated it it was amazing. I had to read this book in English class with a partner.

    I'm quite a big fan of suspense so I took an immediate liking towards the short story. When I started reading it, I found the main character, Tom, interesting. He neglects his wife Clare and his life around him, focusing on his job at Wholesale Groceries. As he started to get onto the ledge where his paper was at, I started to feel nervous for him and I had many thoughts running through my mind.

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    Thankfully, when Tom made it back into his a I had to read this book in English class with a partner. Thankfully, when Tom made it back into his apartment, I felt relief. I also felt happy for Tom because he finally figures out he was wasting his whole life doing something other than spending time with his wife. He races out the door to find her in the last part. This short story should now remain a favorite of mine thanks to my English class. Oct 05, Julian Rosendo rated it really liked it.