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Children do not read books just because they think they already have enough and have guaranteed themselves a happy and fruitful future. To a large extent, education is available in the US, and one does not need any good grades or achievements to go to community college. But in China, things are very different.

Thus, from childhood children are not just taught information, but are raised in a community with high respect for knowledge. After coming to the United States, it was a genuine surprise to see the different attitude to knowledge and education. People were living happy lives knowing and achieving much less than I already learned and obtained. My US friends had very different perspectives on the process of learning and knowledge itself.

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They had much more free time and preferred to limit their studies to classes and homework. Education has become only an element of their lives. Moreover, people surrounding me did not see it as the only way towards success and happy living. It was fascinating and exciting at first, but with time I understood that without devotion to learning and knowledge I was losing part of myself. Plus, you will get special discounts and offers from our service! Your personal data is kept safe under the terms of our Security Policy. HMW is a platform for swamped students who seek for help with their endless paper tasks.

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You may have to wait up to a week for a reply. Resources for Teaching With This Contest. Our new feature spotlights examples of good narrative essays, and offers you practice in emulating them in your own writing. Have a look! A list of prompts that touches on everything from sports to travel, education, gender roles, video games, fashion, family, pop culture, social media and more.

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Like all our Student Opinion questions , each links to a related Times article that is free to read if you access it from our site. We are running this contest concurrently with our Show Us Your Generation Photo Contest in which we challenge teenagers to examine stereotypes about people their age, then counter them with images to make that portrait more interesting, nuanced, complete or real. Students can enter either contest or both, and are welcome to submit work on the same theme or topic for both.

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