Internal medicine personal statement essay

Focus on analytical skills Working with IM patients can require significant detective skills.

Writing The Personal Statement

Highlight research skills Finding the right course of treatment for IM patients, especially those with multiple diagnoses, often means digging into the literature. Discuss working with other providers From Family Practitioners to Pathologists, internists frequently consult with other providers.

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Personal Statements

Password Your password must be at least 8 characters long. Sign up for writing tips and tricks. Think of what programs want in a candidate. Identify the qualifications you possess. Personal Letter - Summary The personal letter is a statement of your career objectives in medicine.

It should be succinct but still provide the reader with an overview of who you are and where you are headed. A brief overview of your academic and clinical qualifications. Although this information is on your CV you will want to provide a summary here. Expand on what is in your CV and add additional information as appropriate.

Most of the focus of the personal letter should reflect on why you chose medicine as a career and why you are committing to the specialty you are now applying for.


You may also want the personal letter to focus on why you are pursuing a particular location in your search for a residency position. Discuss your career goals. Explain what you want to do in your career in this specialty.

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The goal is to produce an end result which will make your application stand out from the rest. These samples are collected from various websites. Please use this just as an example and inspiration to create your own personal statements.

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Please follow the links below to find the most appropriate item for you:. Step 1 tests the important concepts of basic sciences basic to the practice of medicine. It also places special emphasis on principles and mechanisms underlying health, disease, and modes of therapy. Step 1 ensures mastery of the sciences that provide a foundation for the safe and competent practice of medicine.