Analytical essay on the metamorphosis

Metamorphoses in the novel occur on several levels. First of all there is a physical change, which occurs to Gregor.

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After physical change, transformation passes to higher level and changes mental structures of Gregor. So caring to his family, he becomes surprisingly indifferent to their opinion. He has family and dear ones who seem to love him, good work and respect in the society.

Metamorphosis turns him into insect and this event reveals real attitude to him. His family, so loving and caring, very soon becomes indifferent to a bug, which cannot earn money to support them.

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Gregor, who dedicated his life to his parents and sister was simply used by them. He cared about them and placed their interests behind his own ones. Discontent with his job Gregor transmits to the entire society. Kafka was interested in the problem of social stratification and dedicated a lot of time to the study of social structrue.

They had also to rent one of the rooms. The roles changed and now Gregor not only ceased to be the provider of the family but has also became a burden for his parents and sister. Step by step real attitude to him was discovered. Gregor stayed days and nights locked in his room nobody bothered to clean and got poor food. All his good deeds were quickly forgotten and he was treated like nobody but brainless insect, which feels nothing and only bothers everybody around. It seems that the attitude of relatives and colleagues to Gregor changes significantly after his metamorphosis. Relatives, who seem to be caring, turn away from him as soon as he gets in trouble.

The theme of alienation is one of one of central themes of the novel. This theme was deeply explored by existentialists Kafka belonged to. Metamorphosis is nothing but a symbol.

The Theme of Change in The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

This happens every day to millions of people but we simply do not notice that until it happens to us. The beetle, Gregor has turned to, symbolizes everything rejected by the society. Kafka uses this change, which occurs to Gregor in order to show the measure opinion of the people depend on the social roles we play. This symbol is used to show how successful and energetic man can turn to social outcast during one night. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.

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You can view samples of our professional work here. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Even though from the beginning of the story, he is the one who outwardly changes, his family also becomes very different. A metamorphosis is a change that takes place and every family member in this story changed in some way. This is observed by the fact that he is always thinking of his family, even when his physical being has changed and causes him discomfort.

Samsa, Mrs. Samsa, and Grete on the other hand, change because they become independent from Gregor, learn to rely on each other and their own abilities. Grete Samsa, too, was alienated from the society in which she lives because she must care for a brother that society would ban as an outcast. The signs of her metamorphosis appear when she is shown as a very caring person in the beginning. As time goes by she grows tired of helping her brother. He becomes a burden, and in the end she is the one who says they must be rid of him. After his metamorphosis, she must get a job in order to have a place to live, and enough food to eat.

She becomes a more responsible person and also a more uncaring one towards Gregor. An irony about this is that it appears she may become what Gregor was to the family, the supporter. He tries to seem like an unhealthy man, but he is very much a healthy man. The father is divided from society because he does not work and support his family as is expected of the father in a family.

He expects his son to take care of the family.

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He does not wish to have anything to do with his son, even before the transformation. Because he felt inferior, the only way that Kafka could fight back at his father was to do so in his writing. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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