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With the help of some additional sources, such as our article, you'll be able to get the hang of it in no time at all. Before embarking on your first draft, take some time to brainstorm and analyze sources which might help you, such as essay samples and credible scientific monographs and studies. And while you're at it, don't forget to use our expository essay tips not to forget any significant detail.

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The structure of this kind of essay type is pretty much the same as that of the other essay types. The best way to handle the content is to follow the 5-paragraph structure. However, if there are more than five paragraphs in your essay, you may need to provide further explanation. Therefore, you'd be better off using the three-part structure, i.

Your essay should start with the introduction containing a strong thesis statement, followed by the body paragraphs, stating your reasonable arguments in a logical order, and the conclusion that sums up everything you have written about in your paper. The overall success of your paper depends not only on the content but on the way your essay starts.

The outline is the first thing which your readers will see, so make sure it relates to your paper's major topic, as well as matches the general formatting rules and your professor's requirements. Please, see below for an example of what an effective essay outline may look like:. Approach your expository essay writing attentively, and you will succeed. We hope that our advice and writing tips will help you to deal with this assignment like a pro! Ensure that you have five body paragraphs—the Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion.

Before submitting your final draft, you should countercheck the essay, by editing and proofreading the content. You should also check on your clarity and precision since an explanatory essay is supposed to enlighten the audience on a particular subject. For example, if the audience is unable to understand the topic of abortion in your explanatory essay, it may be classified as poor quality. The audience should be anything but confused after reading your essay.

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If possible, get a second opinion to ensure that your essay does not contain any flimsy or hind sight errors. How to Write an Explanatory Essay and Improve Your Grades Before you write an explanatory essay, you need to understand its definition. How to Start an Explanatory Essay: Top 5 rules.

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You need assistance with I want to place an order I want to check up on the progress of my order I'd like to discuss details of my order Other. Our support agent is on his way We will call you back soon OK, Thanks! The introduction of an explanatory essay acts as a gateway for the content included in the essay.

It contains three major components.

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For starters, similar to most types of essays, explanatory essays rill in the audience by making them interested in reading the content by using a hook statement. It is followed by all pertinent background information that the reader might want to get to know. It helps in painting a clear image for the audience to follow. Finally, create a thesis statement to use as the focus of the essay.

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It ensures the writer does not drift off from the topic of discussion in the essay. The body of an explanatory essay should contain three paragraphs, each focusing on a key point unless the topic is rather broad. The general approach of each of the paragraph is similar. Start by presenting a topic sentence that clearly explains the information you will be going more into in the body. Also ensures the smooth transition of your writing from one point to the next.

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  5. The Transitions included in your essay are essential. When writing explanatory essays communication is vital. For a reader to comfortably navigate through the essay, it is essential for the writer to use certain phrases or words for the reader to be able to follow and understand each point, sentence by sentence, thought by thought, and paragraph by paragraph. It is crucial for the reader to understand what the author is trying to convey. Bearing this in mind present a claim or position that clearly supports your thesis statement. It is vital to ensure that you make the connection evident so that the reader can easily connect the two.

    Afterwards, present all the factual information discovered from the research undertaken. Finally, craft a concluding statement which summarizes the importance of your position in relation to your thesis statement. Use this approach for one and every claim in your body for a brilliant body. There are three major components in the conclusion that are very crucial to completing your explanatory essay. First, restate the thesis statement but do not use the same wording as used in the introduction.

    Afterwards, ensure to summarize the three key points supporting your thesis as presented in the body accordingly. It is vital to restate the importance of each supporting point concisely. It shows that your essay correctly and logically defends the thesis statement, increasing the general outlook of your writing. Lastly, present a general concluding statement. It should explain the significance of your point of view which you chose from a broad perspective.

    Leave the audience with a call to action, instinctively encouraging them to learn more about the subject at hand. Once all this is done, you will have a successfully written explanatory essay. There are quite many types of 5 paragraph essays. Writing these types of essays is as simple as determining the goal of the writer. Does the author want to describe something, narrate a personal experience, convince the audience of the possibility of a point of view, or explain an issue?

    There are four major types of this kind of essays. They include:.

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    8. Narrative essays. These allow the author to tell a story about a personal experience. Telling a story may sound easy, but narrative essays have proven to be a challenge to students when thinking and writing about themselves. When crafting narrative essays, the author should try to involve the audience by making the experience as interesting as possible. Descriptive essays.