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Discover what to read next. Holiday Gift Guide The information we have is mainly from the log notes, which detail the birth of her son, an illness from which Clark nursed her back, and her help and calm attitude during the trip.

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Little is known about her life after the trip-- she may have died within a few years of returning, or she may have lived to be 94! This book, with its black and white illustrations, covers the basics of her life in pages and includes other resources at the back. Good Points. This series is great for introducing students to the pleasures of reading biographies.

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I Am Sacagawea

Read on for more about Jasmin and her book, plus an giveaway! Read on for more about Thanhha and her book, an excerpt, plus an giveaway! Meet Thanhha Lai! Latest Book Listings Added. Dog and Rabbit. A funny, sweet story of unrequited friendship from the creator I'm Not Dying with You Tonight. Symptoms of a Heartbreak.

The youngest doctor in America, an Indian-American teen makes her Prophecy Untold Shadow Realms book 3. Sick Kids in Love.

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Pawns The Wielders of Arantha. What is an example of a route in your own life? What is the definition of a route? We pass Washington D. A route is the path between one point and another on a trip. What do you think the most difficult thing about the journey was for Sacagawea? Answers will vary. What other women do you know who have been trailblazers in American history and society? What do you like about the way the author told the story of Sacagawea?

How was it different from other history books? Have students test their frontier smarts by playing an interactive game at the National Geographic Kids website. When they sign on, students become part of the Lewis and Clark expedition and are faced with important decisions to make about supplies, relationships with Indian tribes, and travel routes. In , the U. Mint began its program to honor Native American history and culture by issuing the Sacagawea dollar gold coin with a different back, or reverse side. Guide students to the U. Mint site to learn more about the program and how they can collect the coins.

Would you believe there are ways to make change for a dollar? How many combinations can your students find? Give each group 2 half-dollars, 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, and pennies. Set a time limit, and challenge students to work together to create and record coin combinations using abbreviations such as 3 Q, 2 D, 1 N. When time is up, ask each group to count the number of combinations they have recorded. Which group came up with the most?

Did they use strategies such as recording combinations with one quarter, then two, and so on? What patterns do they see developing? Challenge students to create a model- or real-size teepee like the ones Sacagawea grew up in with the Shoshone tribe.

Biography Book Report - Sacagawea by Sarah

There are various Internet sites for making a model teepee, however, more mature students will be fascinated by the idea of making a life-size teepee. Shelter Publications provides a free pattern and instructions. Ask students to skim the text and find a place to add another sidebar to the book.

Then have them research the topic, take notes, and write an explanatory text sidebar that is two to four paragraphs in length. Encourage students to exchange papers to share their sidebars, or to project and read several examples on the whiteboard. Give each student an opportunity to answer the big question. Encourage students to support their answers with details and evidence from the text. Tell students there is more than one right answer.

Ask students to imagine that they are members of the Lewis and Clark expedition, traveling westward with Sacagawea. Have them choose an event from the book to describe from their own point of view in a journal entry. Ask them to include Sacagawea and her actions in their entry, as well as, comments on her skills and courage. Distribute copies of the Big Activity: A Trail Journey Entry and have students use the page for the final draft of their journal entry.

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