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This is a significant difference in the relationship between man and nature. The final point to compare between these two poems is the relationship between the speaker and the lover.

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The speakers both have great affection for their lover. In Yearning, the speaker's lover is not by his side. From the title of Cummings' poem, we can guess that his lover is also far away from him so he must carry her heart with him wherever he goes. The two poems' difference lies in the relationship between the lovers. In Yearning, the speaker expresses his emotions in such an implicit way that the reader hardly feels his vibration.

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We only see that he asks his lover to pick more red beans. On the other hand, in Cumming's poem, the speaker describes his feelings more directly and stronger. He goes on talking about carrying his lover's heart. He praises her with the highest adoration objects of nature, sun and moon.

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His ideal love is beyond every imagination: 'higher than soul can hope or mind can hide. Chinese love poems rarely speak out such passionate and bold emotions, while western love poems are never lack of exploring more amazing and unexpected sensations. To sum up, Western and Eastern love poems share lots of similarities as well as differences. In the poems I chose for compare and contrast, we found that both poems use simple language to express themselves with some variations.

Furthermore, with the involvement of nature, we have two different perspectives to the relationship between man and nature.

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Also the two poems deal with the relationship between the speaker and the lover quite unlike, with one reserved, and the other one bold. We can admire the peaceful moving of the water, we can also enjoy the whirling waves of the tides.

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Love Through The Ages. People feel they did this to hide the fact of him being a pedophile.

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Like all poetry, this poem can have many different meanings and interpretations, but many people believe Lewis wrote this poem as a reflection of himself. Throughout the first half of the poem, one thinks the Walrus is the good side of the personality and that he tries to change the Carpenter to a better person.

However, as the poem goes on, the Walrus is eager to eat the oysters, but then switches back to the good side at the end. The Walrus is one of the two personalities; the Carpenter is the other one. The Walrus is the better of the two personalities most of the time.

The Walrus then starts conflicting with himself, with trying to paint an image that is not there. With explaining the sun being out, but then contrasting by saying, it was the middle of the night. In the second stanza, the moon represents the bad side of the two identities.