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The Unanswered Question: Attempting to Explain the Rwandan Genocide

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The feeling is even more intense among members of the international community and the high-ups of the UN Security Council who, despite getting a heads-up on the possible mass execution of Tutsis by disgruntled Hutu extremists, chose to do nothing to prevent or mitigate the same, leading to the cold-blooded massacre of over , civilians within a three-month span - in what is so far one of the most horrifying events of the post cold-war period.

The U. There is no doubt that hundreds of lives would…… [Read More]. Gourevitch's book concerns the genocide that took place in Rwanda in wherein Hutu majority systematically massacred the minority Tutsi population. As a result of this effort at ethnic cleansing, an estimated , Tutsi were killed over the course of a day period from April to July In fact, during the height of the massacre, Gourevitch reports that members of the Tutsi tribe were being massacred three times as fast as…… [Read More].

Eradicating Genocide in the FUture.

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Genocide in the 20th and 21st Centuries Prompt: Sadly, genocide did not end with the Holocaust. In fact, a lot more people have died from genocide since orld ar II than were victims of it in the war itself. How and why has this happened? Have these efforts been successful or not? Explain why. In these more recent genocides, compare and contrast them. Do we see anything similar in most of them? If so, what and why? Based on what we learned about genocide in your lifetime since the s , are we on track to finally eradicate these horrors or are we a long way off from that?

Response: The Second orld ar claimed the lives of tens of millions of civilians including…… [Read More]. Atrocities Happening in Recent Modern History of. The two orld ars in the first part of the 20th century have demonstrated the human capacity to inflict harm and destruction on its peers.

The Rwandan Bishop Who Incited Genocide (2000)

Perhaps one of the most significant event in the history of the Second orld ar is that of the genocide that took place on the Jewish community. During the war and immediately afterwards more than six million Jews are reported to have been massacred by the Nazi forces However, despite the fact that the holocaust that took place during this time is mostly attributed to the Nazi forces and Adolf Hitler's plan to exterminate the Jewish population, there are numerous accounts of historians that point out the fact that the SS German troops would have been unable to achieve this great atrocity without the assistance of the local populations such as the Polish or the French.

One…… [Read More]. Politics International Relations Analysis of Theories the. Politics International Relations Analysis of Theories The field of international relations is based on many competing and complementary theories. These include realism, liberalism, constructivism, dependency theory, Marxism, etc. The theories are many; the field is expansive. What international relations seek to do is both formulate and analyze international politics, and work concomitantly with world governments, non-governmental organizations, and multi-national corporations.

Due to the nature of work in these global affairs, several of the theories mentioned above are utilized to explain various phenomena. This paper will thus focus on a few questions as they relate to international relations and, specifically, to the theories which it employs. To begin, one must understand that the field of international politics can be segmented into various categories, or levels of analysis.

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The most famous of these categories are Kenneth Waltz' groups, which include explanations of politics as being driven by individuals, by psychology, by states,…… [Read More]. Hutu Blame The Search for the Truth. HUTU lame? The Search for the Truth in Rwanda, an argumentative essay There are those who claim that elgium is the perpetrator in the extermination methods used in Rwanda however, there are those who claim that the Rwandan government itself may be to blame with ties to a loan from the IMF World ank.

Among all the arguments leveled the most likely perpetrator of these crimes can be traced back to the Roman Catholic Church, who was the entity to first set a seal upon the Hutus and Tutsi people.

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This paper will explore the many arguments set forth in the Rwandan genocide event as to who is to blame for the atrocities that occurred. Over years ago Catholic missionaries created a bogus "pedigree"…… [Read More]. African Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to these external factors, Thomson notes two colonial and post-colonial economic policies and developmental strategies that proved to be erroneous in the long-term, having an ultimately damaging effect upon the ability of African countries to make sound, profitable investments.

The first of these is that African governments focused excessively upon import substitution, while the second is that too much revenue was invested in the expansion of state institutions. This paradigm emerges from the success of European and other Western economic developments. However, such strategies were far from suitable for the African continent, as it resulted in a lack of investment in Africa's richest resources: agricultural and mineral development.

Maponga and Maxwell 97 mention the concentration of national economies as a further factor that may lead a lack of concomitant growth for countries and in particular African countries that are rich in natural resources. In addition to the…… [Read More]. Primordialism Ethnicity Is One of the More. Primordialism Ethnicity is one of the more fluid concepts in sociology because one's ethnicity is largely defined by membership in a social group. The social group shares a common background, whether through experience or ancestry and they share characteristics that set them apart from other groups.

Many times these characteristics are stereotyped, but the stereotypes are derived from a reality where the majority of members of the group do, indeed, share those characteristics. Moreover, one's ethnicity is not limited to a single background. A person can have multiple ethnicities by having a family that derives from multiple different ethnic traditions. However, a person can also have multiple ethnicities because larger ethnic groups can be further subdivided into smaller ethnic groups, sometimes referred to as tribes.

Ethnicity is also intertwined with race, which is an interesting concept. Genetic analysis has revealed that there is greater similarity than difference among humans from…… [Read More]. U S Foreign Affairs Since The American inaction on the wandan genocide places a big question mark on any subsequent action of its government overseas for humanitarian reasons.

Besides being accused of using "humanitarianism" as a smokescreen for pursuing its own narrow national interests, the United States is also accused of undermining the United Nations and International Law in following a policy of unilateralism and pre-emption. The results of pre-emptive action by the United States for purportedly humanitarian reasons in recent times have been far from satisfactory.

follow site For example, when the NATO forces started its bombing campaign in Kosovo in , there was a mass exodus of about , Serbs and other non-Albanian minorities as refugees from the province; there was an increase in the Serbs' attacks on ethnic Kosovan Albanians and their ethnic cleansing: as a…… [Read More]. United Nations Could Have Done. The question is more academic. Having seen that the clashes between ethnic groups, and those who are opposed to share the natural bounties with a community they regard as unnecessary probably the total prevention of the genocide design is not possible.

Can an action by the authority like the UN then have mitigated it? The answer to that question lies in the way the nations view the sovereignty and the need for intervention form the UN. It is impossible to…… [Read More]. Failures of the UN.

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United Nations: Failures The United Nations is the result of an international policy experiment that aimed at bringing together the countries of the world in an attempt to avoid conflagrations such as the First and Second World wars from taking place again in the modern history of human kind. The loss of lives in the wars that marked the 20th century determined world leaders and in particular the five great powers that emerged victorious after the Second World War to consider a new political structure that would determine a path of communication, of public diplomacy and ensure a system of constant contact based on international law.