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Please note that it could take up to three weeks to receive your postcard from the date you sent your essay. If you are concerned that your essay was lost by the post office, please write to essays aynrand. We cannot accept essays postmarked after the deadline. If you have a valid reason why your essay could not be postmarked by the appropriate deadline, please write to essays aynrand.

Yes, as long as you were not previously a first-place winner. In fact, some students have won prizes two years in a row! All awards are cash prizes. We place no restrictions on how the prize money is spent. Prize winners simply receive a check from us in the amount of their award. You do not need to reference page numbers for quotes from the essay topics. However, if you use any quotes from the novel you are writing about, you should cite the page numbers and place quotation marks around the quoted material.

You do not need to include a bibliography unless you quote from a source besides the novel you are writing on. Please note that you do not need to reference any additional material other than the assigned novel to write your essay. See the next question.

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You do not need any source material other than the novel you are writing on. However, you may quote and reference other sources if you like. If you do, please cite your sources and include a bibliography with your essay. Yes, you may have your essay proofread.

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It is not plagiarism to have someone check your essay for spelling and grammatical or structural errors. It is not plagiarism as long as you cite your sources. We typically contact all the Atlas Shrugged contest entrants by January of the contest year, and all the Anthem and The Fountainhead contest entrants by July of the contest year. The contest guidelines ask that you select ONE of three topics.

Please select only one topic. They should also be available in your local bookstore or library.

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This will have no effect on your chances of winning. Judges look for writing that demonstrates an understanding of the novel, not whether the student agrees with it. Please send your comments or questions about the essay contests to essays aynrand. In most cases, we should be able to respond within two to five business days. Updates From ARI. Reproduction of content and images in whole or in part is prohibited. All rights reserved. ARI is a c 3 nonprofit organization. Newsletter Sign Up. Search for:. Sign up for updates on contest deadlines and tips on how to write a stronger essay.

Almost winners will be chosen. The Drue Heinz Literature Prize recognizes and supports writers of short fiction and makes their work available to readers around the world. The award is open to authors who have published a book-length collection of fiction or at least three short stories or novellas in commercial magazines or literary journals.

Manuscripts are judged anonymously by nationally known writers.

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Founded in by David Weinstein, Write The World is a program dedicated to the development of high school aged writers. Image via: Write the World.

Their current competition is a food writing competition. Writers aged may submit a - 1, word essay about food. Calling all short story writers: Are you a short story writer interested in gaining more exposure and a bigger audience for your creative work? For this award, any genre or theme of short story is accepted.

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All applicants should submit their original unpublished work of short fiction or nonfiction, 5, words or fewer, to be considered. Rules and exclusions apply. The winner is announced each September, and the prize is awarded in October. In some years, the prize may be divided between winners, when more than one work merits the award. Welcome to ; polarizing political views are an ever-present reality and it doesn't seem to be improving. Whether you live in the US or on the other side of the globe our environments are actors in the theater of influence.

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follow Write a short story that puts into narrative how architecture and the built-environment affect the lives of the people in power and those on the fringes of society. There are many good reasons to enter writing contests. First and foremost, there is the possibility of winning a cash prize. Secondly, having your name attached to a popular literary magazine or writing organization can help get your work seen. With that said, before taking the plunge, be sure to read the contest guidelines thoroughly. Some writing contests have regional, age, gender, ethnicity, and word count restrictions.

Writing competitions are one of the best ways for writers to get their work in front of a broad audience. October 16, 5 min read 0 Comments. October 02, 6 min read 0 Comments. September 19, 7 min read 0 Comments. Select a School Select a School.


Sign In. Search Our Site. Souhegan High School It's simple Writing Center. Writing Contests Writing contests for students abound nearly all year long. Take a look below at some of the many approaching opportunities. In this National Novel Writing Month program, you accept the challenge to complete a novel between Nov.