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American young people are using chemical substances in great numbers. The survey is a report of students in 8th, 10th, and 12th grades and their current trends in drug use. The results indicated a decline in many illicit drugs, especially ecstasy.

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There was a significant decrease in smoking and drinking for all grades. Among 12th graders, an increase in tranquilizers and barbituates was reported. There is an ongoing emergence of new drugs in , that are popular among teens. Most young people today are not familiar with the side effects and health risks of LSD. America will continue to struggle with the task of eliminating substance abuse.

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Studies conducted by the federal government and anti-drug organizations, will gauge the changes in current drug trends. It is apparent that research indicates a significant substance abuse epidemic within the young American community. Have there been decreases in drug use? Yes, there have been; along with the increase of new drugs.

Drugs and Society

America has seen some positive trends with substance abuse, but how significant are these changes? Teenagers must constantly be made aware of the long term health risks of drug use. Blog posts. Nov 1, Filed under: Example Papers — Tags: drug abuse , drug abuse essay , drug abuse essay sample , drug abuse research paper , drug abuse term paper , essay examples , essay on workplace , example essay on drug abuse , sociology essay — Joan Young am. Essay is always a headache! Send us your paper details.

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Get a quote. Need help with your essay? Drug addiction is a problem that has been increasing menacingly among our society today. It has ruined thousands of families in India.


The causes, effects and prevention of drug addiction

Addiction can trap anyone. Drug It ruins the victims physically, mentally and spiritually. It causes problems in the family and contributes to delinquent tendencies in society.

Drug abuse leads to crimes and criminal behaviour. It affects the law and order situation affecting the moral health of the society.

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The abuse of narcotics has caused a widespread concern to all the civilized countries of the world. It is a curse for a developing country like India.

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