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For example,they have prepared harmful drugs and intoxicants and weapons of war. They have invented and developed all kinds of small and big arms and weapons like the rifle,machine gun ,the tank and the missile. They have prepared bomber and fighter planes,warships and submarines.

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They have developed bombs giving out poisonous gases and setting huge area on fire. Then they have produced the atomic ,hydrogen ,cobalt,nitrogen,and neutron bombs ,which can destroy whole cities,countries and civilization in minutes. The large-scale killing and destruction caused by the atom bombs is a constant warning. In fact,science teaches us to work without prejudice. Scientists in all countries use the same scientific formula ,laws and results. They should therefore,work together for the advancement of humankind.

Science is supreme knowledge,and it should be used for the supreme good of all human beings. We come to the conclusion that science should be used only for the benefit of human beings.

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Scientists should work for their advancement in peace. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Beneficial Uses Of Science : Ours is a scientific world. Science and Medicine : scientists and doctors have invented and developed medicines that can cure speedily dangerous diseases like typhoid,cholera,and tuberculosis. Science and Agriculture : The technological advances of modern science have revolutionized our life patterns. Science and Space Travel : Science has transformed transportation magically,as now the supersonic jet can take man to the farthest end of the world in hours,and the rocket can take him to the moon and even beyond.

Conclusion : We come to the conclusion that science should be used only for the benefit of human beings. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Man has created such deadlier weapons that can vanish the world within the blink of an eye. In addition,it has increased the pollution and thus have negative impact on the environment. The landscapes are going towards destruction. Some species of animals are at the point of extinction.

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Similarly,the negative use of Internet is increasing day by day. People are more prone towards destructive use of Internet. To sum up,it can be said that Science itself is not good or bad instead it is upto the user whether he uses it for his selfish gain or for the peaceful and comfortable life. It is better to use it for the positively rather using it in a negative way.

Reply With Quote. Hey there! I can say that this essay looks much better then old one. I am glad to see clear intro,body and conclusion. However, there are still some mistakes. In this way, your essay will look more cohesive.

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In my opinion you should split 2 ideas medicine and agriculture into 2 different paragraphs and support them by sufficient examples. I'd make like this "However, science also has other sides. With it's help, human managed to possess dreadful weapons, which can exterminate Instead of saying secondly,thirdly you can say "In addition,Moreover, Another reason to be considered Where are your examples?

Landscapes and??? Be more specific. Internet eh? Here you can talk about hmm viruses, piracy, pornography, addiction to online games e.

In this essay you are supposed to agree or disagree with the statement You should have clearly picked up one side. Lets wait for San's feedback.

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