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Haemodialysis Patient Nursing Care Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Inputs from different medical caregivers and family members of the patient brought comfort to Mr. Although my role in that ward brought about very little positive changes, avoidance of deteriorating the condition of the patient made my conscious to be at peace. The various activities that involved me where not well done. Examples are feeding the patient, helping in moving around and cleaning the patient.

A patient with a cerebellar stroke is in need of total nursing care and requires one to fully understand the various needs and wants to be offered.

Using Gibb's model of reflection, reflect on a challenging experience from practice

My knowledge on how to offer this needs and wants was limited since the patient satisfaction was not fully attained. Although my effort was very minimal, attitude and emotion control is compulsory in offering total nursing care to a stroke patient. Misunderstanding on how to handle the patient was unnecessary since prior preparations are needed before caring for a stroke patient.

After the encounter with a cerebellar stroke patient, awareness of involving every individual in the hospital setting to manage the patient condition has been instilled in me Hunter, If this was applied, a smooth caregiving and learning process could have taken place during my clinical study.

Future scenarios will receive maximum input from me since learning how to control my emotions and feelings has been effective. This will be through concentrating entirely on the needed procedures and making of decisions are required by the nursing professional ethics and policies. Involvement of all caregivers will take place to enable efficient patient care Benet, Lastly is about proper preparations before handling a patient. This will be done in order to do the right procedures.

Gibbs Reflective Journal Of Licensed Nurse

All the six stages have been highlighted and the required nursing care of a right side cerebellar stroke patient has been reviewed in detail. Benet, A. Operative Neurosurgery , 12 3 , Finlay, L.

PBLB paper , 52 0 , Hunter, S. Fisher, M. Journal of the American Heart Association , 46 1 , Wright, J. Stroke , 45 4 , ee Brought to you by SiteJabber.

Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Search for:. Home Reflective experience with a cerebellar stroke patient. Reflective experience with a cerebellar stroke patient Introduction The assignment is a reflection of an experience with a cerebellar patient admitted in a medical ward. Scenario Description Attending a clinical rotation in a medical ward is part of my course requirements. Experienced Emotions A positive attitude has been always worn on my face every time while visiting a medical ward.

Evaluation The clinical experience had a good start only to experience changes as days went by. Analysis of the Scenario Activities Inputs from different medical caregivers and family members of the patient brought comfort to Mr. Action Plan Future scenarios will receive maximum input from me since learning how to control my emotions and feelings has been effective. References Benet, A. No Signup Required. Join our mailing list today and benefit from our free ebooks, daily deals, and discounts!

To structure a coaching session using Gibbs' Cycle, choose a situation to analyze and then work through the steps below. First, ask the person you're coaching to describe the situation in detail. At this stage, you simply want to know what happened — you'll draw conclusions later.

Next, encourage him to talk about what he thought and felt during the experience. At this stage, avoid commenting on his emotions. It might be difficult for some people to talk honestly about their feelings.

Gibbs' Reflective Model

Use Empathic Listening at this stage to connect with them emotionally, and to try to see things from their point of view. Now you need to encourage the person you're coaching to look objectively at what approaches worked, and which ones didn't. Once you've evaluated the situation, you can help your team member draw conclusions about what happened. Finding This Article Useful? You can learn another team management skills, like this, by joining the Mind Tools Club. Encourage him to think about the situation again, using the information that you've collected so far.

Then ask questions like these:. You should now have some possible actions that your team member can take to deal with similar situations more effectively in the future. Once you've identified the areas he will work on, get him to commit to taking action, and agree a date on which you will both review progress. This tool is structured as a cycle, reflecting an ongoing coaching relationship.

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