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The relative absence of change in the political organization of international economic relations-the dog that has not barked-will be briefly noted in the second section. Third, changes in the relationship between states and markets will be examined, particularly the intensified internationalization of financial markets and the globalization of production. Finally, an assessment will be attempted of the importance of all these changes for both the character of world politics and the future U.

Structural Change: Shifts in Power and Place. Two sea-changes became unmistakably clear in the s-the rise of Japan and the divided economic prospects of the developing countries. The implications of two others-the leap toward further integration of the European Community and a more thoroughgoing incorporation of some centrally planned economies into the international economic order-will.

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The World Economic Crisis Of 2008

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International Political Economy

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China and the International Political Economy Essay

Three disadvantages of large groups. I also show that international lobbying and high concentration of capital can further exacerbate this outcome. The model generates predictions consistent with patterns I find in the data on US firms' lobbying expenditures and the value of their international patent portfolios. Finally, the third essay provides a critique of a popular structural patent valuation methodology that utilizes the stock market response to news about patent grants, first introduced by Kogan et al.


Using their methodology refined and improved in terms of the theoretical derivation , I perform a placebo estimation of US patent values and compare the results with the true patent value estimates as per Kogan et al's paper. I find strong evidence that the "true" patent value estimates are not driven by patent news announcements, but rather are an artifact of the estimation methodology itself and as such cannot be used for comparisons across different patent-holding firms and grant years.

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I further corroborate the external validity of this critique by applying the same method to a novel database of Chinese patents and finding that the same conclusion holds.