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Some say fiction is more enjoyable than watching movies.

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Although it is true that reading book will help people expand their certain level of vocabulary and glossaries, I believe that watching movie will appreciate the story line comprehensively and it is more efficient watching movie rather than reading book. In this essay, I will briefly illustrate two significant reasons to support my preference.

In particular, sounds in movie bring more vivid expression to spectators. Emotion expressed in voices of actors and actresses will help people to understand the mood of the scenes easily.

Moreover, the sound effects will provide clearer image of story line. Particularly, songs and artificial sound effects in difference scenes create certain atmosphere while watching the movie which will definitely help spectators to get the story line much faster. Furthermore, actions and motion in movie gives stronger image than words. In particular, action scenes can bring image that is easier for spectators to understand what is happening. Each scene has its meaning and as actors and actresses act out scenes, people will figure out what is going on in the story easily.

Moreover, motions made by actors and actresses will help spectators to concentrate. For example, in wide screen, every motion actors make make spectators to be more careful not to miss anything that is happening. In this sense, I believe watching movie is better way to enjoy the storyline than reading fiction. Moreover, it is more efficient to watch movies than read fiction. In particular, time will be used competently. Particularly, most movies only contain main plots of the story and emphasize the important scenes.

This will help spectators to save time and understand the story much faster. In addition, watching movie will help people to remember the story for longer period of time; Actions, songs, and voices are stronger than words. Furthermore, it is a variety of result of purposes.

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Whether it is a film or a piece of literature, both are written by someone that wants to leave an impact on an audience. However, movies and books have different roles. You should always read the book first because it…. Augustine power point, pgs. In all cases, support your answer by stating your reasoning. Be specific, provide detail, and use examples where appropriate in order to demonstrate your understanding of the material. Picking up a good book to read or watching a movie can both be enjoyable, however, when reading a book that was made into a movie you can come across some similarities and differences between the two.

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