Disadvantages of case study teaching method

Evaluating the role of testosterone on aggression.

Case Method vs Lectures -- The Case for Active Learning

Case Studdies. Advantages Case studies provide detailed information about individuals rather than collecting just a score on a test from a person Case studies record behaviour over time so changes in behaviour can be seen. A single case study that shows us that a theory is not correct is very useful.

Disadvantages The data collected can be very subjective. The method relies on the individual who is being studied remembering events and these memories might not be accurate or reliable.

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This bias can be for the subject; the form of data collection, or the way the data is interpreted. This is very common, since it is normal for humans to be subjective.

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  • Disadvantages Of Case Study Method - Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Studies!
  • It is well known that Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology, was often biased in his case histories and interpretations. The researcher can become close to a study participant, or may learn to identify with the subject. When this happens the researcher loses their perspective as an outsider.

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    Any classification is not possible due to studying a small unit. This generalization of results is limited, since the study is only focusing on one small group. However, this isn't always a problem, especially if generalization is not one of the study's goals. Case studies can be very time consuming. The data collection process can be very intensive and long, and this is something new researchers are not familiar with.

    It takes a long period of time to develop a case study, and develop a detailed analysis. Many studies also require the authors to immerse themselves in the case. For example, in the Genie case, the lead researchers spent an abnormal amount of time with Genie, since so few people knew how to handle her.

    Case study in psychology

    David Rigler, one of the lead researchers, actually had Genie live with him and his family for years. Because of this attachment, many questioned the veracity of the study data. Case study method may have errors of memory or judgment. Since reconstructing case history is based on memory, this can lead to errors.

    Also, how one person perceived the past could be different for another person, and this can and does lead to errors. When considering various aspects of their lives, people tend to focus on issues that they find most important. This allows them to form a prejudice and can make them unaware of other possible options.

    With small studies, there is always the question of ethics.

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    At what point does a study become unethical? The Genie case was riddled with accusations of being unethical, and people still debate about it today.

    Disadvantages of case study teaching method

    Was it ethical to study Genie as deeply as she was studied? Did Genie deserve to live out her life unbothered by researchers and academics trying to use her case to potentially further their careers? At what point does the pursuit of scientific knowledge outweigh the right to a life free from research? Also, because the researchers became so invested in the study, people questioned whether a researcher would report unethical behavior if they witnessed it. Advantages and Disadvantages in Real-Life Studies.

    Two of these case studies are the Tylenol Scandal and the Genie language study. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two studies. Uniqueness of study — Being able to study a feral child is a rare occurrence. Genie — Disadvantages.

    Ethics - The lead researcher David Rigler provided a home for Genie, and was paid for being a foster parent. This is often seen as unethical, since Rigler had a financial interest in Genie and her case. Tylenol — Advantages. Uniqueness of study — What happened to Tylenol was very unique and rare. While companies face crisis all the time, a public health crisis of this magnitude is very unique. Tylenol — Disadvantages. Course Catalog My Classes. Sign In Subscribe.

    The Strengths and Weaknesses of Case Studies. Interested in learning more? Why not take an online class in How to Write Case Studies? Popular Courses.


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